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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

James Brown on Racism & Music Biz [VIDEO]

This entertaining and touching out-take from Jon Alpert's doc on the music industry have James Brown and a young Al Sharpton dishing on the music industry and its treatment of a talented and intelligent black man. Freeze frame: JON ALPERT: Tell us the story. What happened? And this is something that everybody might be interested in knowing about. You tried to become independent, what happened? JAMES BROWN: The system crushed me. JON ALPERT: Give me some examples. JAMES BROWN: Well, no one, I couldn't get into television, I couldn't get into movies. The record company was cutting my records up, and wouldn't promote ‘em, and wouldn't even send ‘em out. Why did all the black-owned record companies fold? Why? Because they were forced out by the big ones.

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