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Saturday, December 09, 2006

Yes, racism exists, and front-page story forces us, as a society ...

Regarding N. Canton police probe hate crime; racist graffiti scrawled on homes garage (Dec. 1): Yes, Virginia, there is racism. It pokes about in places we least expect it, and very seldom are we willing or able to acknowledge it. Laws can be passed to further the battle for equal rights. Thoughts, however, cannot be regulated. Racism arises from a thought process. For hundreds of years, we have been conditioned to think less of those people. The people who committed this hateful crime more than likely were taught that those people were different. Just because you allow those people to sit beside you does not mean you are not racist. Just because you do not exploit them economically or do you? does not mean you are not racist. Its great that this article was on the front page.

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